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What to know about the shower niche ?- Detailed Guide

by E Cavendish 15 May 2024 0 Comments
What to know about the shower niche ?- Detailed Guide


For homeowners looking to enhance their bathroom's functionality and style, incorporating a shower niche is an increasingly popular option. This built-in feature not only adds aesthetic appeal but also provides a practical solution for storage within the shower area.

If you're considering adding a shower niche to your bathroom in Ireland, here's what you need to know to make an informed decision, from the benefits to potential drawbacks and key considerations.

What is a Shower Niche?

A shower niche is essentially a recessed compartment in the wall of your shower. It serves as a permanent, integrated shelf that provides a place to store bathing essentials like soaps, shampoos, and other personal care products. Unlike hanging organizers or freestanding shelves, a shower niche is designed to blend seamlessly with the rest of your shower, maintaining a clean, uncluttered look.

Benefits of Installing a Shower Niche

  1. Increased Functionality: A shower niche maximizes the space within your shower by providing built-in storage that doesn't encroach on your showering space. It keeps essential items within easy reach, enhancing the overall functionality of your shower.

  2. Sleek Design: Shower niches can be tailored to the specific style and aesthetics of your bathroom. They can be finished with the same tiles as the rest of your shower or accented with complementary materials, creating a cohesive and modern appearance.

  3. Added Property Value: A well-designed bathroom with modern features like a shower niche can increase the overall value of your home. This small addition is attractive to potential buyers, should you decide to sell in the future.

shower niche

Potential Drawbacks of Shower Niches

  1. Installation Complexity: Installing a shower niche involves cutting into the wall, which can be complex and requires precision. It’s important to ensure that there are no plumbing pipes or electrical wiring in the area where the niche is to be placed. Incorrect installation can lead to water leaks and structural issues.

  2. Water Accumulation: If not properly designed with a slight incline and adequate drainage, shower niches can collect water, leading to soap scum buildup and potential water damage or mold growth over time.

  3. Limited Flexibility: Once installed, a shower niche is a permanent feature. If your storage needs change or you decide to rearrange your bathroom layout, you cannot adjust the location or size of the niche without significant renovations.

Design Considerations

  1. Size and Placement: Consider what you plan to store in the niche and choose a size that accommodates these items comfortably. Common placements for a shower niche are at chest to eye level for easy accessibility, but the height can be adjusted based on personal preference and usage.

  2. Waterproofing: Ensure that the niche is properly waterproofed to prevent any moisture intrusion into the wall cavity. This typically involves using a waterproof membrane around and beneath the tiles that line the niche.

  3. Material Selection: The materials used should be moisture-resistant and able to withstand frequent exposure to water and soap. Porcelain or ceramic tiles are popular choices due to their durability and vast range of designs.

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shower niches

Maintenance Tips

Maintaining a shower niche is straightforward. Regular cleaning to prevent soap scum and mildew buildup is important. Use gentle, non-abrasive cleaners to protect the surface of the tiles and grouting.


A shower niche is a stylish and functional addition to any bathroom, offering a built-in solution for decluttering your shower space. When designed and installed correctly, it can enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom while adding practical storage space.

At Tapron Ireland, we understand the importance of every detail in your bathroom renovation. Visit our website for more insights and products that can help transform your bathroom into a functional and stylish space.

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