Bathroom Ideas

Transform your bathroom into a sleek and stylish haven with our exclusive Bathroom Ideas collection. Featuring a sophisticated selection of matt black and stainless steel fittings, this curated assortment combines contemporary style with unparalleled functionality, creating an ambience that is both modern and inviting.

Matt Black Towel Radiator: Start with our matt black towel radiator, a standout piece that offers both elegance and practicality. This radiator is not just a means to keep your towels warm and dry; its striking matt black finish makes it a focal point in your bathroom decor. Designed for both warmth and style, it helps set a luxurious tone to the space.

Fixed Shower Head and Arm in Matt Black: Complement your towel radiator with our fixed shower head and arm in matt black. This setup is perfect for creating a cohesive look. The large shower head provides a luxurious rainfall experience, while the sleek design of the arm ensures durability and adds a touch of modern sophistication to your shower area.

Matt Black Concealed Shower Valve for 2 Outlets: Enhance your shower system with our black concealed shower valve. Designed for two outlets, it allows for seamless switching between the fixed shower head and an additional component such as a handheld shower. This valve not only promises a clean, minimalist look but also offers precise control over water temperature and flow, ensuring a perfect shower every time.

Matt Black Shower Handset Outlet: For versatility in your showering routine, include our shower handset outlet in your setup. Ideal for targeted cleaning and when flexibility is needed, this handset complements the fixed shower head, providing functionality without sacrificing style. The matt black finish integrates smoothly with the other elements in the collection.

Matt Black Shower Niches: Storage solutions in bathrooms are often overlooked in design. Our matt black shower niches offer a stylish and practical way to store your toiletries. Built into the wall, these niches save space while keeping essential items within easy reach, all without disrupting the bathroom’s sleek aesthetic.

Floorstanding Black Bath Tap: This elegant floorstanding tap in black is a perfect match for a freestanding bathtub, adding a dramatic flair to your bathroom. Its tall, striking design not only serves as a practical water source but also acts as a piece of art, enhancing the overall luxury of your space.

Stainless Steel Douche: For those looking for modern hygiene solutions, our brushed  steel douche offers both functionality and style. Its durable construction ensures it stands up to the rigours of daily use, while the sleek design complements other stainless steel fixtures in the room.

Stainless Steel Wall Hung Flush Plate: Continue the theme with our brushed stainless steel wall-hung flush plate, which pairs functionality with chic design. This flush plate adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom’s look, providing a subtle yet luxurious finish to your sanitation area.

Stainless Steel Toilet Roll Holder and Toilet Brush Holder: Complete your bathroom accessories with our stainless steel toilet brush holder and toilet roll holder. These items not only serves a practical purpose but also matches with the other stainless steel elements in your bathroom, maintaining the clean, contemporary vibe.

Our Bathroom Ideas collection is designed to inspire and transform any bathroom into a modern sanctuary. Each product is carefully selected to offer not just utility but also to create a cohesive, stylish environment that elevates your daily routine into a luxurious experience. Whether you’re undergoing a full renovation or simply updating a few key areas, this collection provides everything you need to achieve a beautiful, functional bathroom.Top of Form